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Meeting in Poland

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Electronic "Agropuzzle 4" magazine nr 3
Partner's meeting in Poland

Electronic "Agropuzzle 4" magazine nr 4
Partner's meeting in Poland

The first project meeting under the implemented project "Agropuzzle 4" was held in picturesque
Podlasie. The meeting was attended by representatives of 7 partner countries from 6 countries: the Czech Republic, Romania, Portugal, France, Spain and Poland. The aim of the meeting in Podlasie was to explore the issues related to the functioning of small family businesses in agriculture, and the main theme - beekeeping and herbalism. In the evening, on Sunday, September 22, the participants of the meeting appeared in Supraśl, a small health resort located on the edge of the Knyszyn Forest.
The most important goal of this meeting was to show new project partners the methods of project work during partner meetings, the methodology of group work, the strategy of achieving goals and the presentation of the project and its products. The new partners from the Czech Republic and France had the opportunity to see how the project group works and what we will expect from them as hosts for the future meetings.
The project plan was developed so that its participants could learn about the region's proposals, related not only to agriculture but also to agritourism, traditions, demographics and history. During the coordinators' meeting, the weekly plan of stay in Podlasie and the scope of tasks to be performed by all participants were thoroughly discussed.