Przeskocz do treści

„Book of bees”

During project meetings in Poland and Spain, the students involved in the project were to prepare and develop materials related to beekeeping issues. The idea was to obtain as much information as possible on the breeding of bees, their exploitation and ways of fighting against clomatic factors and diseases that threaten them. As the Czech partner / members of the Natura Opava organization and the Opava Secondary School / are active beekeepers, they were responsible for collecting all the information related to this issue. During meetings with bee breeders, the young people collected information, and after the day finished, they prepared the collected material for their teachers, who discussed their quality, to finally use it to prepare the "Book of bees". All information gathered during partner meetings was compiled and compiled for comparison with the beekeeping situation in the Czech Republic. The study was prepared by Mrs. Radmila Srayer and Mr. Jakub Kubacka

Agropuzzle IV - handbook BEKEEPING